Kanie L., 8/13/2016

Dr. Lam is my family dentist. She is taking very good care of me, my husband, my son, my parents and my brothers and sisters. I feel very comfortable on my every dental appointment. It is very clean and well equipped dental group office. I highly recommend to my friends and co-workers.

Rita Y., 8/8/2016

Dr. Lam is an excellent dentist. She explains exactly what is going on and helps you understand the necessary care and procedures to preserve your teeth. I lost a filling and texted their website and Traci answered back in the late evening hours to make me an appointment. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated staff. She is always so pleasant when you go into the office for your visit. I am very happy with the care provided by Dr. Lam and her staff.

Leo Y., 8/5/2016

The entire staff is AMAZING. Traci is sweet, professional and extremely responsive via email or by phone. Connie has a face and hands of an angel and Dr. Duke is very attentive and passionate with his work. Very excited for my next visit as they made my first visit very enjoyable. They even provided me with a toothbrush and sticker for not making weird sounds or awkward eye contact with them.

P.S. Flossing daily does matter no matter what article The Associated Press reports.

Diane M., 7/9/2016

There very nice and comforting, the doctor, doctors assistant, dental hygienist and receptionist. There all wonderful, they treat you like you’re special. The procedures are done professionally and very well. They did everything so well, that there was so little pain that l felt. This is a well kept place, very clean and organized. I enjoyed my visit.

Michelle A., 4/7/2016

Dr. Yang and his staff are excellent! I cannot recommend him highly enough! If you are afraid of dentists and dental work, Dr. Yang is the dentist for you. He is always kind, calm, and gentle. He explains everything he needs to do in advance and as he is working. The dental work I have had done has been perfect and I have had no problems afterward. Tracy, his receptionist, is a star! She always does her best to get you the day and time that you need and will call you to let you know of cancellations. My husband has had appointments with Dr. Yang and Dr. Lam and he thought they were both outstanding. Run, don’t walk, to Ocean Dental Group, for the best dental work and dentists.

Julia Z., 3/23/2016

I use to avoid the dentist like the plague, due to my sensitive teeth and low pain tolerance, I have never had a good experience with any other doctor. But Dr. Yang and Dr. Lam are superb at what they do!

Becca L., 3/17/2016

Every staff wants to project a shared commitment to great service and customer care–Ocean Dental’s team actually delivers. Everyone I encountered made me feel welcome and heard. I never once felt rushed as each person took the time to introduce herself, set expectations, and address concerns.

Kevin C., 11/2/2015

It was amazing! Dr. Duke Yang is always the man to the rescue to take care of my teeth. Recently, my partner had a problem with a chipped tooth and he got a last minute appt.! He even remembers what I’m studying in school so that shows me he pays attention to my words unlike some other doctors. Tracy is super helpful with scheduling. She understands I’m a student and prefers a certain time of the week. Oh and the best part is they accept personal checks! Not many places accept those anymore.

Michael B., 10/18/2015

The service I received from Dr Winnie was nothing less then amazing. When it comes to seeing dentist I so very afraid, and scared. Dr Winnie it was so wonderful. I would even say I forgot I was even at a dentist. For the first time in 40 years of my life I am looking forward to going back to the dentist. I can now truly say from the bottom of my heart “I have the most wonderful dentist on the planet”.

Jeannon C., 10/8/2015

Thank you to Ocean Dental let me have my sunshine smile. After years of avoiding the Dentist, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Winnie Lam which was referred by a friend I’m so glad that I went. My full mouth and front tooth really needs a good Dentist, when I arrived I was really impressed by how clean this place is also new tech equipment, that’s always a plus! Dr. Lam and her husband Dr. Yang also her staffs is very professional, friendly and caring I love their smile. Dr. Lam explained all the different options and the best choices for me. The whole time during the procedure I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. I’m Very Happy!! See soon Dr. Lam!!! My last appointment was Oct. 7 2015 when I look in the mirror, I’m so happy how I look with the new front teeth. Thank you to Ocean Dental & Dr. Lam.

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