Michelle F., 3/20/2015

My parents and I have been seeing Dr. Yang for a couple of years now and we all love him. He is very informative and detailed with his work. He takes the extra time to make sure everything looks great. I consider him to be one of the best dentists in the city. All of the other dentists that I’ve had before do not even compare.

Lynn L., 3/13/2015

Consistent high quality service in any of the procedures I’ve had performed by Dr. Yang assisted by his staff, which is of the highest caliber. I especially appreciate the briefing he provides before the service is performed and the summary at the conclusion. He is an excellent dentist with exceptional skills. Very impressed with the front desk also, Tracy handles that function with ease and professionalism.

Gill S., 2/6/2015

When you need a dentist, this is the place to go to. I have never ever had such a thorough dental exam in my life. Dr. Yang is very informative and detailed. I was a first timer today so I took advantage of the X-ray and cleaning package.

Erika R., 1/22/2015

Dr. Lam is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had. She shows genuine sincerity regarding my health and wellbeing and encourages better dental habits through positive reinforcement and not guilt trips. After not going to the dentist for many years, I’ve seen Dr. Lam for numerous cleanings, fillings, and even a root canal. During all of these procedures she has been gentle, comforting, and communicated openly in explaining the procedures and answering all my questions. Furthermore, the staff is incredibly pleasant and helpful, always trying to best accommodate my scheduling needs. Thank you Dr. Lam and Ocean Dental for making going to the dentist as enjoyable as possible!

C. Z., 12/17/2014

This is definitely as good as a dentist gets. I’ve never minded going to the dentist’s office but here I even look forward to my routine cleanings with Dr. Lam. She always explains thoroughly what she does and is very friendly. She is thorough and doesn’t guilt trip you for not flossing enough (LOL) but just reminds you again the importance of it.

Clark B., 9/4/2014

I had my first appointment with Dr. Lam this week. My past experiences with other dentists told me that poor dental hygiene, at worst, led to only ugly teeth and gums. However, Dr. Lam went out of her way to explain the importance of oral hygiene, and how best to go about keeping it. Anyway, one of my big problems until seeing Dr. Lam was that I was flossing incorrectly—and I just didn’t know any better at the time, even though I would floss once a day. I sincerely believe that any of my previous dentists would have immediately concluded that I was lying to them, instead of making sure that I was flossing correctly to begin with. Dr. Lam on the other hand pretty much asked all the opportune questions that led to her explaining the right way to floss–and this is the kind of troubleshooting you can expect at her office.

Eva L., 4/11/2014

Excellent dental service. Dr. Lam is the best. She has been my dentist for more than a decade and she recently added my husband as her new patient. We now live in Texas but we fly in to SFO to get our dental work done by her. We’re not the easiest patients either but we feel very confident with Dr. Lam. Dental office also offers the modern technology that adds to our comfort. Thank you Dr. Lam for being such a caring doctor.

Jessica L., 3/28/2014

My first visit was great considering I am pretty nervous about dental appointments. Dr. Yang is very professional, gently, knowledgeable, easy going and detail oriented. He explained everything to me and did not rush through. Glad I found a great dentist:)

Cynthia C., 9/16/2013

Dr Lam was gentle yet thorough in doing my cleanings. Although I had a cavity and eventually needed it filled she never made me feel bad about it but encouraged me to keep up my oral hygiene but focus on problem areas. Getting my cavity filled was an easy, pleasant process with Dr Lam and there was no pain at all…it was quite relaxing! If I’m getting more cavities filled its going to be with Dr Lam!!

Yuen L., 2/3/2013

Very thorough exam and super clear explanations about what is going on. Love that Dr. Yang is gentle and yet very efficient, and uses the latest technology. All in the same day, he even managed to fix a filling that another dentist had botched. I am impressed and glad I found this clinic.

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